2017/10/31 – Sulane

happy halloween, everyone!

as i’ve mentioned before, i’m getting very close to being done writing my next album, which means i will have my next full-length out in what appears to be sooner rather than later. i have a bunch of demos, and i decided since today is my favorite holiday of the year, i might as well give you all some treats for stopping by. here are three demos that will likely make the new album. trick or treat, and enjoy!

2017/10/26 – Sulane

i’m hoping to use this as an official form of any and all pertinent updates i may have for you, filling in the common gaps from my facebook, instagram, and twitter updates. for those of you on the mailing list, you will receive an email when i publish a new post (which ideally will be at least once every two weeks).

  • lots to talk about in this one… the onyx tapes were released on october 13, 2017, so they are still relatively new in my timeline. i had been dealing with feelings of loss and regret a lot heavier than i’ve ever experienced, so i took a break from writing my new album to write all of these tracks and hopefully come out of the process with a clear mind. i experimented with a slightly different lyrical and writing structure to really emphasize that this ep is meant to be a personal experience, and less of something to fall asleep to. they are currently on their way to your choice of streaming services (i recommend spotify, though there’s apple music, google play, and others), but for now you can find the ep at:


  • now that the onyx tapes are released, i can focus on what i’ve been working on for the last few months: my follow-up to (and departure from) neurons. i have about 8 or so demos that are done, totaling to something around 35-40 minutes worth of material. i plan to keep writing until i have at least an hour and a half of material to sift through. my aim is to always find new, fresh ways to express myself as an artist, and i think that this next album is really going to accomplish that. the new album will not be acoustic. these demos are loud.

i’m composing and recording every part of a band i could need for these tracks, which presents a dilemma when performing live: do i play acoustic or do i find a way to bring the full show to the fans? i don’t like working with bands (i love having no creative restrictions) and i’m bored with acoustic sets for now. for those of you who make it to my next show (which is not scheduled as of now), i will be playing electric guitar and vocals, with tracks playing acting as my “backing band” (aka copies of the full songs minus guitar and vocals). i played an hour long set a month or so ago that was littered with these tracks and it was the most fun, interactive show i’ve played and everyone loved the new material.

the music is hard to describe because it’s my own blend of whatever i’ve been listening to at any given moment, but i post a weekly update of what i tracked on last.fm on facebook if that helps.

who knows, i might share a demo with you all soon.

see you next time.

– jp